🔃Basic Stuff

Player Loaded Event

Config.PlayerLoadedEvents = {
    ["QBCore:Client:OnPlayerLoaded"] = true,
    ["esx:playerLoaded"] = true,
    ["playerSpawned"] = true,

If you are using any other framework like vRP or Standalone Server you should add the event here based on the Framework

On First Talk

Config.ApprovalRequestMode = "onFirstTalk"

Approval Request Modes: "onFirstTalk" - When player will want to talk something first time on server (only after loading)

"onFirstJoin" - When player will first join ur server (after ur Config.PlayerLoadedEvents event)

"onEvent" - You can open the apporval menu anytime you want. Select this option, and then trigger the "17mov_SpeechRecognition:OpenApprovalMenu" event

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